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Ana Juan, Drawing on the other side

The application 'Ana Juan. Drawing on the other side' invites us to explore the creative universe of this internationally recognized illustrator. It brings us closer to those particular concepts she has created and our goal is to decipher them through two different publishing projects: 'Snowhite', for which she has written the text and 'Otra vuelta de tuerca'. This application, used in the interactive exhibition of the same name or on the catalogue, reveals new points of view and many different details of her artwork through augmented reality.

In addition, it presents us for the very first time, 'Erthaland. Snowhite´s Secret Tale', an interactive graphic adventure that Ana Juan has developed with UNIT Experimental team. This game, based on his artwork 'Snowhite', is proposed as a parallel story to the picture book and, at the same time, is open to new situations, characters and even new endings. Here, you will enjoy a virtual tour to the world in which the first chapter takes place.